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Terms of Registration for iSale.Net FREE Auctions, Classifieds & Want Ads
You must Agree to all terms and conditions of this document before registering with this Auction Site.
Article 1: Eligibility of membership - This auction site ( iSale.Net FREE Auctions, Classifieds & Want Ads ) is only available to people who are legally able to form binding contracts with you and the seller/buyer of an auction item. People who are of under age of 18 are not eligible for membership due to security precautions that can result as of those members.
If you do not meet these requirements, you are not eligible to use these auction services.
Article 2: iSale.Net FREE Auctions, Classifieds & Want Ads is only providing auction services - We only provide services to people interested in selling and buying merchandise via internet auction. We do not have control over the items that are posted in the auction site, and cannot guarantee the authenticity and quality of a said product. We are not responsible for the actions the sellers takes, before, during, and after the auction, typographical errors, mis-prints, loss of merchandise/money, damage or failure of equipment, due to your visit to this auction site.
Use of this site is at your own risk, and content is presented 'As-Is'.
Article 3: Article 3a:   Bidding and Selling - As a user, you may bid and/or sell merchandise over iSale.Net FREE Auctions, Classifieds & Want Ads .
Article 3b:    As a bidder - you know that placing a bid is a binding contract with you and the seller, and the bid cannot be retracted unless due to fault by the seller of typographical error, or other error, due to human error on the seller's part. Once you place a bid, and if you win, you will be obligated to buy the product at the said price you indicated as your bid. Placing a bid on this auction site, and winning, then not paying for the product is illegal in most states, and prosecution can result to you.
Article 3c:    As a seller - the item that you place up for bids must be real. Pre-sales are not accepted. Once a bid has been placed for your item, you are being placed in a binding contract with the potential buyer of the product, if that bid shall be the highest bid. Once the auction is over, if over reserve price, you are obligated to sell to the potential buyer which is the highest bidder in your auction. If, reserve price was not met, you are not obilgated in any way to sell this item at all. As a seller, you are not in any way to bid on your own items. If reported, your auction will be deleted.
Article 4: Posting Items - As a user, you are welcome to post items up for sale in the iSale.Net FREE Auctions, Classifieds & Want Ads . We do have restrictions on what items you may sell, and what you may not sell. You may not sell illegal merchandise, including pirated software and music, firearms, or anything that is affiliated with Violence, etc. No ADULT X Rated Materials are allowed. Please review our complete terms and conditions before listing your item(s) for sale or auction. Items that are up to bids are subject to review by the staff of iSale.Net FREE Auctions, Classifieds & Want Ads , and my be removed without prior notice, if in violation with the User Agreement.
Article 5: Charges - Posting an item up for bid, bidding on an item, and registering are free at iSale.Net FREE Auctions, Classifieds & Want Ads. Do not abuse this privilege.
Article 6: Privacy - We gather your information so that other people will have it on hand when they win your auction, or you win their auction. Personal information is not sold, rented, without yuor permission. Personal information sent to a user regarding a product bought or sold on the auction is not to be used for any other purpose, except for communication concerning the auction item.
Article 7: Warranty - iSale.Net FREE Auctions, Classifieds & Want Ads provide this website in an 'as-is' condition, without a warranty or condition. iSale.Net FREE Auctions, Classifieds & Want Ads is not liable for any damages resulting in an auction, or your visit to the site.


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